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I am currently a Computer Engineering student at the University of California Riverside and am on track to graduate with my bachelor's degree by 2022.

I have been coding since high school and currently specialize in software and web development.

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Experience and Education

Student at University of California Riverside

I am currently a Computer Engineering Student at the University of California Riverside. Here I have taken many computer science and engineering courses that have helped grow and refine my programming abilities.

Internship at Bloody Gaming

For two summers I have interned at Bloody Gaming, which is a gaming peripheral company. My primary role at this company was to create an amazon data analysis program that helped analyze promo code usage. I also assisted with the behind the scenes production for gaming tournaments, including programming a raspberry pi to connect to their monitor to display live score updates. Lastly, I also helped host the company’s booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, which is a large-scale gaming convention.

Study Abroad Program for Startups

In the summer of 2019 I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad in London for a month. The program I attended was created to teach students about startup culture and how to actually go through the steps to creating your own business. For this program my team created an MVP for a product called A++ Learning and gave a final pitch to mock potential investors.



VR Controlled Drone

We designed a motion-controlled drone that uses a Leap Motion VR Hand Sensor in order to detect and track a user's hand. The hand sensor allows us to take relative coordinates of your hand in 3D space and convert them into commands that can then be sent to a Tello Drone over wifi. In order to send the coordinates from the hand sensor to the drone, we had to use a local WebSocket that posted and received data from the two different program files.

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VR Hand Painting Program

The inspiration behind this VR Hand Painting project was a mix between making a covid friendly project (no touching required), as well as using a newly acquired VR Hand Sensor. What this program does is it allows the user to draw any image they want while only using the motion of their hand. By using a Leap Motion VR Hand Sensor, we were able to feed live coordinates to a local WebSocket since our two files were coded in different versions of Python (python2.7 and python3). From there, we built a GUI using pygame in python and used a mixture of coordinate manipulation and different algorithms to successfully make this smooth running GUI.

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A++ Learning

I created this website during a study abroad program that was meant to teach students about how startups are created. I worked with 4 other amazing team members (Credits in the Github). This website was designed to provide a way for students and local tutors to get connected with each other by comparing different strengths and weaknesses for each student and tutor.

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Memory Game

This application is a memory game that I designed in high school that tests your short term memory. It accomplishes this by showing the player images of different shapes and colors in quick succession and has the player try to remember them to answer questions at the end of each round. This game also generates and updates a "gamestats" file that stores the high score of the user each time they play and displays the top 5 at the end of each game.

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Sudoku Project

I created this project in High School. This program uses Python to generate a fully functional GUI for the popular game Sudoku. This game will randomly generate a 9x9 sudoku board and uses an algorithm to determine if each inputted move is correct.

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Internship Amazon Analysis

I created this project in my internship at Bloody Gaming. This program was designed to take thousands of lines of amazon purchase data and to condense it into readable text files that show how many differnt promo codes were used and what each promo code corresponds to.

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All other projects that I have worked on are also publicly available on my Github.