Noah Allen

I'm a


Computer Engineering Student

I am currently a fourth year Computer Engineering student at the University of California Riverside and am on track to graduate with my bachelor's degree by 2022.

  • School: University of California, Riverside
  • Age:
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  • Phone: (909)-680-9245

Due to growing up with two civil engineering parents, I had an early exposure to the field of engineering. Ever since I was young, I would always say that I wanted to be a future engineer. However, I didn’t know my passion lied with computer engineering and programming until I took an engineering and robotics class my sophomore year of high school and programmed a robot arm to lift various different objects. Since then I have taken many different computer science and engineering courses where I have learned various programming languages such as Java, C++, JavaScript, C, and Python. I am also proficient in using Git/GitHub for monitoring my own projects and progress.


Python 95%
JavaScript 85%
Java 75%
C++ 90%
C 85%
NodeJS 85%



Noah Allen

Dedicated and hardworking Computer Engineering Student specialized in software and backend development. I am very passionnate about personal projects and creating cool and interesting stuff.


Bachelor of Science & Computer Engineering

2018 - 2022

University of California, Riverside

I am currently a Computer Engineering Student at the University of California Riverside. Here I have taken many computer science and engineering courses that have helped grow and refine my programming abilities.

  • Current GPA: 3.77
  • Received Dean's Honor List 6 Quarters
  • Received Chancellor's List 1 Quarter

Professional Experience

zyBooks Content Employee at zyBooks

2021 - Present

Riverside, CA

Software Engineering Internship at

2021 - Present

Kirkland, WA

Software Engineering Internship at Bloody

Summer of 2018 and 2019

Chino, CA

  • Created a python program that analyzed the company’s promotional campaign data about 90% faster than their previous methods
  • Wrote a monetary affiliate program that collected and organized data from eCommerce sites to track sales


Some projects I have made! All code can be found on my Github.

Raspberry Pi Facial-Recognition Security Camera
VR Controlled Drone
VR Hand Painting Program
Python Memory Game
Twitch Controlled Nanoleaf Lights Program
A++ Learning


If you would like to reach out for any reason, feel free to fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


Chino Hills, California



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